Light of car parking

The illumination system of the underground parking, located under the Freedom Square in front of the Armenian national academic theatre of opera and ballet, requires principle reconstruction and modernization.  The results of the measurements of illumination levels ensured by the existing system demonstrate that neither Armenian nor European illumination norms are met at the parking space.

The technical solution for upgrading the parking lighting system, proposed on the basis of modeling and light calculation, will provide an average illumination of parking spaces at a level of at least 75 lux, and an average illumination of traffic lanes to parking spaces at a level of at least 150 lux, which meets the requirements of the current standards.

In addition to significant improvement of the quality of illumination and traffic safety, the proposed solution will reduce the total installed power of the lighting system from 35.56 kW to 19.14 kW, thus ensuring a reduction in energy consumption by up to 46%.