In the world of rapidly developing technologies, it is important not just stay ahead of competitors, it is more important to anticipate the wishes of people and open up new horizons for them.

We, «Zettalumen» LLC, have been working in the field of lighting since 2009. In the field of lighting, we implement projects of absolutely all complexity.

Rich professional experience and high qualification distinguishes us as specialists. The desire to be the best in the market is supported by our ambition and talent, and we believe in what we do today, as passionately as in the days when the company was founded.

The works carried out by us acquire for you, our customers, a new quality and value. The practical application of scientific achievements and experience, based primarily on a deep understanding and recognition of the needs and problems of our clients, is our fundamental principle. The main task of our company is to create a product that meets your desires and requirements. Creating a favorable light is our main goal.

We, the professionals of «Zettalumen» LLC, well know how wrongly designed illumination is adverse and dangerous for a humane. We will discuss with you your wishes, collect the necessary information, calculate and analyze it. We will model all possible options in purpose to choose of the most efficient and economical lighting.

We will do everything necessary to make you satisfied.


We offer you high-quality and prompt light calculation. Our main task is to create a suitable environment which will fully meet your requirements and wishes by using light for your needs and desires through enlightenment. When creating lighting systems, it is important first of all to carry out the lighting calculation. The purpose of the calculation is to select the optimal lighting equipment, which, depending on the requirements for lighting of an object, and will provide the corresponding result.

The lighting calculation carried out by our specialists takes into consideration the basic data of the illuminated object, the type and power capacity of the supposed light sources, their location, and a number of specific factors and coefficients. All your specific wishes and requirements will be taken into consideration.

The calculation is carried out with the help of special computer programs that allow you to take into consideration all factors and features as much as possible, allow you to navigate in the implementation of lighting norms, energy consumption and the approximate cost of the project.

We know the importance of correct and proper lighting calculation, which will help, as a result of the implementation of the lighting system, evenly distribute the luminous flux and get rid of the danger of getting tiring vision contrasts, glare, light drops and shadows. Qualitatively made lighting calculation predetermines the efficiency of the future lighting system. As part of our cooperation, we are ready to implement any lighting project and exercise of lighting calculation absolutely any complexity.

Entrust to professionals the planning of lighting systems.


Roads and streets

Modeling and calculation of road and street lighting systems, ensuring compliance with national and international standards


Modeling and calculation of interior lighting systems, providing conditions for comfortable living and recreation

Industrial premises

Modeling and calculation of lighting systems for production (industrial) facilities, ensuring high labor productivity and safety requirements

Facades of buildings

Modeling and calculation of facade lighting systems, creating aesthetic perception of the architecture of buildings at night


Modeling and calculation of landscape lighting systems, improving the aesthetic perception of space, creating suavity environment

System audit

Audit of lighting systems, development of measures to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of the system



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